Xanthos / Turkey

After Kaş we hit the road again, towards another small town on the coast called Datça (pronounced Dat-cha). This was a long drive, probably about 6 hours all up. Half way along the route though, are the ruins of an ancient Lycian city called Xanthos. The city is at least three thousand years old, and the ruins are in surprisingly good condition for it’s age, however, it has seen many cultures and civilisations since then.

When we arrived, there was almost no one else there. We bought a ticket to walk around the grounds which was about 6 dollars each. An old Turkish man with very limited english started following us through the ruins and pointing out certain things and appeared to be guiding us, giving us no choice. We are glad he did though because we did learn a lot from him. Mainly how much the English stole from the site to put in the British Museum in London.

The Romans later used the ampitheatre at times to set lions on Christians, you can see the doors from where the lions were released. All in all, this was a super interesting place, worth a stop if you are driving in the area! In most other European countries this site would set you back a $40 entry fee with barricades and crowds everywhere – here was deserted and almost untouched.

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