Trieste / Italy

In late April we took a little bit of a longer break this time to explore the beautiful country of Slovenia. It had been quite a long time at this point since we had been in Italy and we were really really missing it, so we flew in and out of Trieste, the northern Italian city right on the eastern border of Italy and Slovenia. Trieste has a very colourful past – it was once Venetian, then was part of the Austrian empire, before eventually returning to Italy. Trieste was actually the Austrian empire’s principal sea port, and as such was once one of the major trade cities of Europe. This is where coffee was first imported into Europe from Ethiopia and the middle east, and is where the famous coffee brand Illy began and is still headquartered. Trieste has a stunning collection of absolutely amazing lavish cafes which are definitely worth visiting for a delicious Italian espresso. The city has a huge open square that fronts directly onto the mediterranean, with grand cafes and bars all around. It’s a very fine and grand looking old Austro/Italian city and we really enjoyed it. We’d definitely recommend it on a “lesser known cities of Italy” tour!





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