Daikanyama, Naka Meguro, Aoyama / Tokyo / Japan

Tokyo has many intensely beautiful suburbs that seem to be a big contrast from the image of Tokyo as a grey concrete jungle. These suburbs don’t seem out of place however – they feel like the real Tokyo to me. Naka Meguro is one of them – named after the Meguro river which runs as a canal through the centre of the suburb, and if you’re lucky enough you will get to see all of the trees in these photos covered in white cherry blossoms. We weren’t that lucky and were a week too late for that, but it was still stunningly beautiful nonetheless. The streets on either side of the canal are filled with vine covered houses, cafes, and boutique shops, and it’s a great walk.

We ended up walking from here to a park at the top of a hill called Saigoyama park. This park has an excellent view over the surrounding areas of Tokyo, and we went in the late afternoon / dusk when the light was sublime. The park is filled with people of all ages, but it’s very quiet and reflective and a beautiful place to sit and watch over Tokyo. A man comes every day at around 5pm to feed the local dogs little doggy treats – all the local residents bring their shibas and other small dogs, who all get extremely excited about these little treats. It’s quite a treat to watch, actually.

From here, you can walk north east to Shibuya station through a suburb called Daikanyama which is one of the most beautiful suburbs of Tokyo, in my opinion. Huge mansions and architectural wonders fill the winding, hilly streets, and there are small parks, vines and trees everywhere.

Aoyama is another incredibly beautiful suburb of west Tokyo. You can reach it if you walk from Harajuku station down the entire length of Omotesando (think of Omotesando like Tokyo’s Champs-Elysees), and Aoyama is at the other end. It’s a fairly busy place with large avenues and expensive stores, but behind these avenues are small laneways with amazing houses and it seems like a very nice place to live.

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