The Swiss Alps

We definitely ticked off a bucket list item with this one, the Swiss Alps. Dylan had wanted to come here for a very long time. And we were sure glad we did. There are some places that you love, but wouldn’t go back to. This is not one. We could definitely go back to the Swiss Alps. It’s so mind blowingly amazingly beautiful.

We stayed in a little mountain town in the Kander valley called Frutigen. The first picture below is of our view when we woke up in the mornings and went to sleep at night. Frutigen itself is quaint and charming, a typical Swiss mountain town. Nearby is a small little lake and eco-park called “Blausee” which means Blue lake – I’m sure you can pick which one it is in the photos. The valley forks in two around here, one way going to incredibly picturesque Adelboden where we went for dinner one night, and the other way to a place called Oeschinensee. Oeschinensee is an amazing lake high up in the mountains on a plateau, which you have to catch a gondola to get to, before hiking for about half an hour. It was absolutely incredible! We went for a swim in this lake – extremely cold, as it is made of snow melt water from the mountain just behind it.

In “the next valley over” we went to Lauterbrunnen – where each side of the valley is a pretty much vertical wall that seems like it goes to the sky. A giant waterfall comes from one side and the Jungfrau mountain is visible in the distance. This place was again incredible, just like the rest of it. Nearby here is a place called Grindelwald, which was one of the most touristy and expensive places we went to in Switzerland – we couldn’t do any of the attractions because the gondola ride up to the top of a mountain cost 50 swiss francs each! I’d love to go there in winter though, it’s a very nice looking mountain town surrounded by incredibly huge mountains.

All of these valleys descend to two giant lakes in the lower-lands, in the middle of which is a town called Interlaken. We swam in the river in Interlaken which was also extremely cold, but the weather was hot so no problems. We loved Interlaken, it’s very very Swiss, very beautiful. We also went for a swim in one of the large lakes, Lake Thun, which was a bit warmer and pretty picturesque once again.

I feel like I can’t really write the correct words to describe all this majestic beauty so I think I’ve kept it simple. Hopefully the photos explain it a bit better.

PS: we are still a bit behind on the blog. I’m writing this in Berlin, before which we were in Portugal and Spain for two weeks, and before that Italy for 6-7 weeks. So there’s still a bit to catch up on, sorry!

Swiss Alps
The view from our balcony, Frutigen
Swiss Alps-104
Swiss Alps-103
Swiss Alps-102
Blausee, Kander valley
Swiss Alps-100
Dylan in Lake Thun
Swiss Alps-96
Swiss Alps-95
Swiss Alps-93
Swiss Alps-91
Interlaken Paragliders
Swiss Alps-90
Freezing water in Interlaken – lucky it was super hot that day!
Swiss Alps-86
The Eiger or Monch, from Grindelwald
Swiss Alps-85
Swiss Alps-84
Swiss Alps-83
Swiss Alps-82
Swiss Alps-81
Swiss Alps-80
Swiss Alps-79
Swiss Alps-74
Hiking in Lauterbrunnen
Swiss Alps-73
Under the waterfall in Lauterbrunnen
Swiss Alps-71
Swiss Alps-70
Jess at Lauterbrunnen
Swiss Alps-69
Dylan at Lauterbrunnen
Swiss Alps-65
Swiss Alps-64
Swiss Alps-62
The Rodelbahn at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-61
On top of the world at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-60
Swiss Alps-59
Jess at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-57
Wild flowers everywhere
Swiss Alps-56
Jess hiking at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-55
Friendly happy mountain cow
Swiss Alps-54
Alpine Cows
Swiss Alps-53
Alpine Cows
Swiss Alps-52
Jess hiking at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-49
Swiss Alps-47
Swiss Alps-46
Swiss Alps-45
Swiss Alps-42
Jess under a waterfall at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-41
Dylan drinking waterfall water at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-40
Swiss Alps-38
Swiss Alps-37
Jess at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-36
Wood carvings by the trackside at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-34
Taking a break at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-33
Taking at dip in Oeschinensee (9 degrees)
Swiss Alps-32
You can read the temperature on Jess’ face
Swiss Alps-31
Mountain huts at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-29
Cold! But we did it!
Swiss Alps-27
Dylan in the water at Oeschinensee
Swiss Alps-26
Snowmelt water
Swiss Alps-24
Swiss Alps-23
Swiss BBQs
Swiss Alps-22
Hiking through the forest
Swiss Alps-21
Swiss Alps-20
Swiss Alps-18
A path winding picturesquely towards the lake
Swiss Alps-16
Dylan looking up at the mountains
Swiss Alps-13
Swiss Alps-7
In a field of flowers
Swiss Alps-6
Swiss Alps-5
Swiss Alps-4
Swiss Alps-3
Swiss Alps-2
Jess apprehensive about getting in the gondela
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