The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands have definitely been a highlight of our trip so far. It is an absolutely stunning, remote, wild ancient area. From Edinburgh we drove up to our accommodation just outside of Inverness (the northernmost city in the UK), where we stayed on a small hobby farm in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t really rain whilst we were there, but the fog and mist was so heavy that our car was covered in water the next morning. It really was beautiful out there. On the way up, we stopped by Blair Atholl to visit Blair Castle which is a very impressive place situated on a gigantic parcel of land. The Murray clan have held this castle and it’s associated titles for a few hundred years now so Dylan wanted to visit to stake his claim. He also bought a Murray tartan scarf here! Very warm. The grounds hold wild deer and has a forest-garden in which hundreds of huge trees have grown for almost two hundred years.

The next day was a big day of driving all the way to Glasgow, along Loch Ness (no, we didn’t see him 🙁 ), Fort Augustus, and Glen Coe. This was one of the best days of driving ever – the scenery was spectacular. Glen Coe especially blew our minds – a huge valley created by ancient glaciers, surrounded by gigantic mountains, and everything is green in between. This is where they filmed the final scenes of Skyfall! We highly, highly recommend checking out Glen Coe and the Scottish Highlands if you have the chance.

*One must make a stop at The house of braur!

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The Murray’s tartan 
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This tree is just a baby of the biggest tree in the world, a Red Wood somewhere in America…

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Make sure you stop off at this AMAZING shopping centre- hit up the food hall, you won’t be disappointed.
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Searching for Nessie… sadly no luck

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Scotland Small-32

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Glen Coe was one our favourite places in the UK, the photos just do not do it justice!

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Scotland Small-44

Scotland Small-45


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The names Bond, James Bond
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