The Republic of San Marino

Did you know that inside of Italy is a tiny little country? No, not The Vatican, it’s San Marino! It’s apparently the world’s oldest continuous republic, being established in the 1300s – it never became part of Italy when Garibaldi went around unifying all the city-states. It’s in the north east of Italy, about 10km from the coast, in a mountainous region – the main city of the country occupies the top of a very imposing mountain which made it a very defensible place in the middle ages.

It is an absolutely gorgeous city and country. It’s beautiful. I wouldn’t say that it’s “quite different” to Italy, but it is noticeably different in small ways. The San Marinese definitely are different from the Italians. We stayed at an airbnb at Simone’s house, which was amazing. He is basically the nicest person in the whole world and we (including Tristan) had such a good time staying at his place and having dinner (homemade Piadine) with him and his friend Nicola. Thanks so much Simone!

We also went out into the countryside with Simone and he showed us some of his favourite places including a little almost abandoned quaint old town, an old mill next to a beautiful clear waterfall and a forest area. We definitely wouldn’t have seen this side of the country without him.

Definitely go to San Marino if you have the chance!

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San Marino


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