Scilla / Calabria / Italy

Next stop on our Reggio day trip was Scilla, only about half an hour from Reggio. We arrived in the late afternoon as a storm was blowing in from the north coast of Sicily – which is only a kilometre or so away at this point, the closest point to the mainland. Scilla has an old town and castle up on a high cliff overlooking the pebble beach. It’s a typical southern Italian beach town with many places that you can rent a chair to stay in, and market stalls selling various things on the promenade. It wasn’t as nice as Tropea in our opinion. What was really cool though was as we were leaving, three giant waterspouts appeared just off the coast like mini hurricanes! It was mesmerising to watch. Apparently this is where the whirlpool scene in Homer’s Odyssey was supposed to have been set – I believe it now!






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