Potsdam / Germany

During our stay in Berlin, we took a day trip to nearby Potsdam, which is a small town filled with elaborate palaces from the Prussian Empire era. It’s a really nice place and we’re glad we went. It’s also where the Potsdam Conference was held to end World War 2, after the defeat of Germany, so there’s a lot of history here. Schloss Sanssouci is the big yellow palace above the tiered garden, which was a sight to behold. It’s within a giant green park that also contains at least 3 other palaces – such a beautiful park, very peaceful. The town of Potsdam itself is very grand with amazing apartment blocks and cobblestone streets; it also has a Dutch Quarter (which are the red brick buildings towards the bottom of the post) which is very quaint. This first picture below is actually the water pump house for the city which was built in an Islamic style a few hundred years ago, when that was all the rage. Potsdam is a beautiful town and if you have spare time around Berlin, it’s well worth a visit.


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