München, Deutschland

We flew from Ireland direct to Munich & we were greeted with big blue skies & sunshine rays, it was glorious!

One of the reasons we decided to stay in Munich for a week was to relax, also neither of us had been there & we were always told how beautiful it was. We also wanted to try Bavarian beer & food seeming as we have so many cafes in Sydney!

So first things first was to go & get a German beer & a pretzel (highly recommend Spaten beer). Once we had our beer & pretzels we felt welcomed & a great way to start our European adventure.

Most days we spent relaxing as we had been travelling pretty hard for the last 2.5 months. We mainly went to the Englischer Garten which is a beautiful park right in the middle of the city with a wild river running through it. It was summer so it was packed & the vibe of the place was just awesome and it was nice to escape the heat & get into some water- even if it was freezing (keep in mind we hadn’t been swimming for nearly 3 months)!

The water is so clean and flows really quickly so it is a bit of a battle getting in but once you are in you can float along the river for nearly 2kms!

The crazy thing is people actually surf in it! It is so strange to watch the surfers surfing in a river.

We met up with one of our airbnb guests sister & partner who were lovely, they showed us around a few sites & local spots.

We finally went out & explored a few places but we mainly stayed by the river. Munich really is a beautiful city.












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