Modena e Maranello / Italy

We knew the Italian summer would be hot, but you always forget what real heat is like. We had a horrible time staying in an Airbnb in Modena and unfortunately that resulted in us not really enjoying the place. It was pushing 40 degrees every day (and night) and the room we had booked only had a king single bed with no air conditioning – just one fan. So both of us were squished in there, sweating profusely and not sleeping much at all. To make matters worse, the hosts were away, and had rented out their room as well to a British girl named Kate! They didn’t tell us this, nor did they tell Kate so it was a bit confusing when we first met her. By the way, she got a double bed. It turned out to be a great thing meeting Kate though, because we hung out with here both there in Modena as well as in Bologna a few days later!

Modena is a nice northern Italian town, very old and crumbling. The cathedral looks like it will fall over any day now. The city itself is very small and you can literally explore it in a half hour. On the plus side, Modena has some very food restaurants and bars, including the new #1 restaurant in the world.

We took a day trip to nearby Maranello which is where the Ferrari factory is, so that Dylan could test drive his favourite, the F430. It was pretty expensive just for 20 minutes, but it sure was an awesome experience. We also visited the Ferrari museum which was quite cool as well.

All in all, we would probably not come back to either of these places and we probably wouldn’t recommend going there unless you’ve already done all the other nice Italian places.

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