Mljet Island / Croatia

During our time in Dubrovnik we took yet another day trip drive. This time, to Mljet island, reached by ferry from the mainland. It’s a beautiful sparsely populated island, and I wish we could have had more time there. We spent most of the time at Odysseus’ cave, which was quite a hike to get to from the road but oh so worth it. It’s a natural cave that you can swim into, where the water is so beautifully blue it’s amazing. Above the cave is a small hut where a man and his dogs will sell you a beer and some water for you to drink whilst lounging in the hammocks. It’s basically paradise. We really loved it. As I said, we spent most of the day here so didn’t have much time to explore the rest of the island, but on our way back to Dubrovnik we stopped at a town called Ston – an old walled city that is well known for it’s oyster and mussel farms. We had a dinner of fresh oysters and mussels – incredibly delicious and cheap. Mljet: yes; Ston: yes.



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