Luxembourg City / Luxembourg

One of the main reasons we settled down in London was it’s proximity to Europe, and super cheap airfares to pretty much anywhere you want to go. London has the most connections and flights pretty much in Europe, so getting anywhere is quick and cheap. We wanted to get away as often as possible to see as much of Europe as we can. So our first international trip was to the tiny country of Luxembourg, in January, the height of winter (which actually wasn’t too bad). It snowed whilst we were there which was beautiful, but there wasn’t much snow around on the ground. There were very few tourists which was also nice!

The city of Luxembourg is very small, the old centre which sits atop a canyon can be easily walked in fifteen minutes. The views from the edges of the canyon are pretty spectacular though, even in winter when everything is grey and brown. Luxembourgers speak three languages; french, german and luxembourgish (a dialect of german) – as well as english. Most people who work in the city however seem to be from France and only speak french. It’s quite interesting seeing the mixture of languages in one place though!

All in all, Luxembourg city is a very quaint little medieval capital city that is worth going to – but only after you’ve seen everything else you want to see in Europe!


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