Ljubljana / Slovenia

From Trieste we had an absolute debacle of a time getting to Ljubljana in Slovenia, just across the border. It’s a two hour drive. We had booked a bus to take us there, leaving at around 9am. Apparently the bus got held up on the Croatian border (apparently it was coming all the way from Serbia via Croatia via Italy to Slovenia!) and as a result was almost three hours late. We don’t even know if it was the same bus that we eventually got on – a tiny van like thing pulled up that was already almost full and with 20+ people waiting to get to Ljubljana it wasn’t looking good. In the end we managed to get the last two available seats on the tiny van leaving many disappointed people behind, unfortunately. Oh well! We got to Ljubljana and walked from the train station, to the complete other side of the city through the main centre to check into our Airbnb – and it didn’t take long. It’s a small city.

We were immediately surprised to discover one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Ljubljana is a gem. It has magnificent and unique architecture, a beautiful river flowing through it, and green green green everywhere you can see. It was overflowing with vibrant springtime life, and the locals like to live it outdoors at the many cafes and bars by the beautiful river and canals. It’s a very laidback, peaceful place as well, and it’s also cheap! Ljubljana and Slovenia in general are definitely very high on our Europe recommendation list. Slovenia feels like it could be Austria or Switzerland, except for the fact that they speak a Slavic language.

We stayed for a few nights in Spring and were met with some very nice warm weather, as well as some rain and coldness. We hired a car for this time and took daytrips around the country to Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge, Predjama Castle and Piran – coming up next!






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