Well this sure was a big day. We reluctantly left Innsbruck behind to head towards Zurich Switzerland. On the way, we stopped by Liechtenstein, which is a tiny independent country with a prince as it’s ruler in the middle of the alps in europe. For a whole country, it’s actually quite hard to get to. We had to stop near the border in an Austrian town called Feldkirch, and get on a bus that took about an 45 mins to drive through half the country of Liechtenstein towards it’s main city of Vaduz. The whole country has a population of about 30 000, and most of them seem to be here. It’s a very, very quaint little village that is very very expensive but quite beautiful. They use swiss francs as currency and seem to speak something close to swiss german.

We walked up to the Schloss Vaduz on the hill overlooking Vaduz to get an excellent view of the country (and Switzerland across the river), however we couldn’t go into the palace as it’s the prince’s actual home. Pretty cool. This day was about 35 degrees – very hot. By the time we caught the bus back to Feldkirch to continue our journey to Zurich we were pretty much exhausted!

It’s a very pretty little country and we are glad we’ve been. We wouldn’t need to go back though!













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