Glasgow. Was. Cold. For that reason, we found it difficult to enjoy unfortunately. Especially after coming from Edinburgh which is an amazing city! Glasgow IS a cool city with great architecture of a slightly more modern style, and it is definitely a city with more going on than Edinburgh.. but it didn’t seem to have the same magic as Edinburgh. Having said that, we still had fun, visiting the museum of transport (designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid) on the banks of the Clyde river, checking out the Necropolis and the Cathedral, and having some drinks in the old merchant halls which are still spectacularly fitted out in classic imperial merchant style. But it was cold, and our bedroom at our Airbnb was cold, and the bed was uncomfortable.

This is where we finally dropped off our car after three weeks and almost two thousand kilometres of driving, and after a few nights in Glasgow we headed down to Cairnryan on the coast to catch the 3 hour ferry over to Belfast, Northern Ireland – a story for another time.

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