Copenhagen / Denmark

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen! What a beautiful, colourful and vibrant city. We went in April, we though it would be getting a bit warmer in the Spring time… however it was still around 5 degrees! At least the sun was shining with beautiful blue skies – it really made the city pop with all it’s colour. The stereotype is that it’s a very expensive city – however we found ways around that. We stayed in the hip area of Nørrebro on Airbnb, which was not too expensive, and was a really nice apartment. We hired some bikes for a few euros per day, and ate a lot of very very delicious street food (Copenhagen is known for it’s hot dog stalls – they are amazing!). We did a canal cruise which was well worth it and no more expensive that one in Amsterdam, for example. We also ate at a high end “New Nordic” restaurant named Höst which was quite reasonably priced for a four course meal (and so delicious). So you can do it on the “cheap”.

We visited the free-town of Christiania which is quite an experience, and cruised around the rest of the city on our bikes – going to all the cool boroughs of the city. We stopped in at Mikkeller and Friends, a craft brewery, as well as their joint venture with American Brewer 3 Floyds, named “Warpigs” in the meat packing district which was super super cool.

We’d love to go back to Copenhagen one day, maybe in summer when it’s a bit warmer!

Jess enjoying an organic vegetarian Pølser

New Nordic cuisine at Höst



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