Cardiff & South Wales / Wales

The morning after our Friday night in Bristol we all had hangovers for some reason. Nevertheless, we drove about an hour west over the giant bridge that crosses the Bristol channel, and were in Wales. We stopped at Chepstow first – a tiny little town with a crumbling castle, very quaint. We continued on after lunch to Cardiff for the Saturday night – it was really cold and quite rainy, but even still it seemed like a quiet place. The only people around seemed to be “lads on tour” and “stag dos”. It’s a pretty nice little city though, with a lot of greenery and beautiful old buildings everywhere.

The next day we drove to the coast, to Barry, a beachside town that was also very cold and rainy. We walked around on the beach for a while getting soaked, before heading north through the Brecon Beacons national park. This was incredibly beautiful and very eerie, mountains covered in fog and heather, with little streams coming down from the low clouds. It reminded us of the Scottish Highlands really, with little villages dotted around the place as well. South Wales is quite beautiful, but we think there are better places to visit in the UK.

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