Berlin Part Three – The End Of The Road / Germany

And the sun eventually set on our summer, in Berlin. We had finally had our UK visas approved and delivered, and we were ready to go begin living in London for a while. This final week of Berlin saw our mate Mitch drop by and join us for some nice sunsets at the Tempelhoferfeld, as well as a cruise around Görlitzer Park and the Turkish markets around that area. Such a nice vibe, everywhere we went. The weather also changed around this time – it got cold overnight and we are only just now, six months later, returning to 16+ degrees. We each purchased a pair of Timberland boots, and each a heavy Elvine jacket from Sweden in a little boutique on Bergmanstrasse, Kreuzberg. They’ve come in handy, definitely.

Eventually the day came when we were to fly out of Berlin and straight into London City Airport, into the cold and wet rain of England. The final sunsets of Berlin were amazing though, we’ll never forget them. We’ll be back, Berlin, don’t you worry.


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