Berlin, mein lieblingsstadt! / Germany

Berlin, where does one begin. This is a city with obvious history – most of it quite modern. The history, in fact, is still being written today – it’s an ever changing and growing city. People keep saying that Berlin is too hyped and is getting too cool, that it isn’t what is used to be. I don’t know what it used to be – this was not our first time in the city but it was certainly our first time really being in the city. We stayed for almost a month, which allows you to get a much more local feel of a place. The first week or so, which is the general gist of these photos, we stayed at the relatively new Karl Marx Hostel in the Neukölln district, south west of the city. Joining us were Ivan, our friend from Sydney who is currently living in London, and Alan, another friend from Sydney who was on a conference trip to Athens and decided to pop into Berlin for a while.

We basically explored the whole city by bike in this period. Neükolln where we were staying is an amazingly beautiful and grimy area at the same time. It’s great. The immense Tiergarten park, the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Cathedral are overpowering. The grandeur and reinvention of Kreuzberg. The Tempelhoferfeld.

Somewhere in Friedrichshain
Der Berliner Dom.
Quick selfie am brücke.
Berliner Dom
Alan, Brandenburger Tor, 2016.
Brandenburg Gate
Jess cruisin’ through The Brandenburg Gate
Dem Deutschen Volke. Reichstaggebäuder.
Im Tiergarten mit Ivan und Alan
Chilling in the Tiergarten on a hot late summer’s day.
Jess in the Tiergarten
Alan, in the Tiergarten.
The Brandenburg Gate.
Cycling past Potsdamplatz.
We don’t know what this is. Near Potsdamer Platz.
Bit of Kreuzberg borderland
On the Tempelhoferfeld, the giant abandoned airport in the centre of Berlin.
Tempelhof Aiport
Alan cycling on the Tempelhoferfeld
Jess riding over the vast Tempelhoferfeld
X marks the spot.
Airport boyz
Alan pon feld
Entering the Tempelhoferfeld from Neükolln.
The beautiful, wide streets of the back of Neükolln.
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