Bangkok / Thailand / End!

And finally, the European odyssey came to an end :(. We flew out of beautiful Rome into chaotic Bangkok, where we had decided to spend four days to unwind and try to get rid of some jet lag before landing in Sydney, and also to get to know the place. Bangkok is a great big city filled with friendly people and good food. The traffic is horrendous everywhere but as long as you stay near the SkyTrain lines you can easily get around using the metro system. We didn’t expect the extreme amount of gigantic new amazing shopping centres – they are everywhere! They are the most opulent shopping malls either of us have ever seen and provide a much needed escape from the heat and humidity outside – the air conditioning is probably why the malls are so popular!

We had a lot of Pad Thai, did a lot of chilling in the hotel pool, and we also went on a riverboat cruise to see some of the major temples like Wat Pho and Wat Arun. Very nice to look at, but fairly crowded and extremely hot.

We like Bangkok. It’s a good city for a stopover in Asia. I’m not sure if either of us could spend much longer there though. So after four days, we finally boarded our last flight – back to Sydney, for the start of summer!

It’s been an amazing journey and if we could do it again we would. We can’t wait to get back to Europe as soon as we can. In the meantime, we’ll be doing some local Australian trips so keep an eye out for them.















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